Roof Room

Q- Are there different types of loft conversions?
A- Yes, Converting the area already available is called “Roof Rooms”, “lofts” or “Vertical Extension”, conversion. A conversion with an extension to the roof is called a “Dormer” conversion.

Q- Can all Lofts be converted?
A- No, it is not practical for some lofts to be converted. Providing you have enough height in your loft available there should not be a problem. The alternate is to do a vertical extension of the existing roof. We offer a free consultation to potential customers call 083 – 77 66 123 for an appointment.

Q- Do I need building plans for my loft conversion
A- Yes, if your loft is for habitable accommodation, then it needs to be planned professionally to ensure it conforms to stringent building control regulations. We at ROOF ROOM use our local Architect- Drawing Board who has high standards and specifications.

Q- How much will my loft cost?
A- Each conversion is Individual, and cost will vary accordingly depending on property and requirements. You will be given a quote after your first consultation, for the work required.