Loft Ladders

Q: Is my roof big enough for storge space
A: Just about every roof with a slope has lots of storage potential.

Q: My roof is quite low can I still use it for storage ?.
A: If you can crawl in you loft, you have enough space for storage.

Q: What if I want more than storage?
A: Stand in the middle of your attic space. Stretch your arm above your head. If the roof beam is just within reach, or higher, you have enough room.

Q: Will it get hot?
A: Space age insulation and opening skylights will assist in making a comfortable temperature in your loft. An airconditioner will do the trick.

Q: Is my existing structure strong enough?
A: No, we engineer it for strength.

Q: My roof beams are in the way, I can’t move around?.
A: Where necessary we reconfigure your roof trusses we call it ,”Surgery!”.

Q: Will you build in skylights and install electrics?
A: Yes that’s all part of our service.

Q: The items I intend to store in the loft are quite big, can I have a much bigger trapdoor?
A: The standard size of our new trapdoor is 685mm X 1200mm ,( that’s probably twice the size of your existing trapdoor) the largest we can make is 850mm X 1450mm.

Q: My ceiling is very high , can you still install a ladder?.
A: The highest ceiling our folding ladder’s can reach is 3800mm. From floor to underside of your existing ceiling.

Q: I have a hot water geyser in the way, will you move it?.
A: We have a pool of experienced Plumbers and Electricians, who will assist you. You deal with them directly saving you money.

Q: Do I need municipal plans ?.
A: Not for storage space, but you may need them for living accommodation.

Q: How long does it take?
A: In most cases we will complete your installation in just one day, areas larger than 12m² may take a day or two.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: Absolutely!, all workmanship and materials are guaranteed for has long as you own the house.