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Discover inner space

With Loft Ladder roof

* User friendly, allows you hidden but ready access to your loft or storage.

* Create more cubic meters of storage space for all those boxes by extending the floor deck in your roof

* Now you can utilize the garage-sized storage space that has always been available in your roof.

* Easy installation in your home or outbuildings without mess or fuss.

* Eliminate damage to walls and furniture caused by awkward ladders

* Ensure personal safety by getting permanent access to storage from within your own home

* Belongings stored under your roof are covered by household insurance and kept out of sight

A no obligation call will lead to OUT OF SIGHT your discovery of new QUICK TO REACH dimensions of inner space.


* Keeping landings clear of obstruction, taking-up no floor area.

* Loft Ladder slides out of sight when not in use.

* Loft Ladders is easy to install.

* Sercure Storage.

* Diy kit Available.

* Aluminum ladders.

* Timber ladder.

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Adds light & ventilation to your loft / roof store.